Try the McGregor Family Recipe for Sausage, Kraut & Fried Potatoes with our sausage and kilebasa products.
Hickory Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa, and Premium Bologna
The first time you try a Cumberland Gap Naturally Hickory Smoked Sausage, you'll taste our tradition of quality...and want to enjoy it again and again in your home. Starting with only the leanest beef and pork trimmings and then slowly, naturally smoked, this premium line of sausage is free of fillers. The lean appearance and rich flavor of our premium bologna is sure to set the standard for quality.

Whether it's the all pork or pork and beef rope sausage, skinless smoked links, or all meat bologna, they all share the Cumberland Gap tradition -- superior taste, quality and value.
Features and Benefits
  • Only lean beef and pork trimmings are used...for higher quality, more satisfying sausage products.

  • Smoked naturally to provide true hickory flavored taste.

  • All pork smoked sausage is produced strictly from fresh trimmings, providing a full flavored, natural sausage you will savor.

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